9 Elegant Gray Home Decor Ideas to Match in Any House Theme

Choosing gray color, why not? Although it belongs to less neutral color, you can still mix and match with any color to give you inspiration. Choosing gray home decors is not that bad enough as long as you know exactly the house concept. Probably you need some references before starting.

Some Elegant Gray Home Decors to Set in Any House Theme
As we know that gray can be applicable for any house theme, you can improve this calm color for any home decors. It depends on your taste and budget that you have. First of all, you probably need the following references to begin. Behold some elegant gray home decors to improve in your house:

1. Gray Scale Painting

This living room looks so perfect and total in using gray tone. Wall painting and parquet flooring are all in gray. Thus, you can choose gray wall painting to maximize its performance. Some gray furniture as like sofa, table, and buffet become a perfect combination.

2. Gray Round Lamp

Artistic feature sometimes comes from the lighting aspect. You may buy a round gray hanging lamps to beautify your living room. Set more than one lighting to improve brighter accent in your living room.

3. Gray Wallpaper

Performing gorgeous accent can also comes from the wallpaper design. This wallpaper use gray shape which performs simplicity at all. You can combine it with grey sofa to bring balance.

4. Gray Vase

5. Gray Photos


Most people love to keep the memory with family in form of pictures. If you want to maximally create gray house design, you can choose gray photos to hang at the wall. Combine between big photo and small one to invite balance.

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